The best cannabis cultivation methods to use

The best cannabis cultivation methods to use

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If you are excited by the prospect of starting up your cultivation business, it is important that you make use of best practices in the market to ensure that you not only comply with the law, but also produce high-quality items.

Ensuring high quality certainly starts by applying the best cultivation methods that will see you easily produce the necessary output that you need to keep your business sustainable.

In today’s blog, we have put together top tips for cultivating cannabis, as well as the best methods to use.

Let’s take a look at your growth environment as a start.

Where to cultivate your cannabis
As a cannabis producer, you have a couple of options when it comes to the environments where you would be cultivating your cannabis plants.

These include indoor, outdoor or greenhouse environments.

Indoor grow tents and rooms are ideal if you want a more controlled environment when it comes to temperature regulation, letting in light and maintaining a good airflow.

That being said, you need to remember that these growing environments can come with high maintenance costs, and if you want to expand your growing area, it could be difficult with a fixed space.

Outdoor areas are great if you are looking to grow larger flowers and a higher quantity thereof. However, your growing area will be susceptible to weather conditions and the risk of pets, which could limit your harvesting window. If you want to forego these risks, an indoor area might be best as plants can be harvested throughout the year.

If you are set on doing indoor cultivation, but don’t want to have the hassle of big overhead costs, greenhouse growing might just be the best consideration.

Greenhouses expose the plants to natural light while also protecting them against outdoor elements. The greenhouse cultivating method is also more energy-efficient, so if you are keeping an eye on costs, this might be your best option.

Cultivation methods to consider
For commercially cultivated cannabis, there are three key methods that you could work with.

If you are looking towards growing big plants with large flowers and do not mind a bit of effort, hydroponics can work beautifully. Hydroponics refers to growing plants without soil – nutrient-rich solutions are delivered directly to the roots of your plants, giving you a level of control over their nutrient intake while providing a more cutting-edge way of cultivation.

If you are looking to cultivate plants that are more pleasant-smelling with a better taste, organic-grown cannabis can be considered. This cultivation method uses soils and plant-based manure. The downside is a slower growth period (when compared with hydroponics methods), so keep this in mind when you decide which option to go for.

A third option is to go for hybrid cultivation. In this approach, you combine the best of both worlds by growing your plants in greenhouse or outdoor areas and provide water-soluble hydroponic nutrients. Once again remember, when using methods where plants are outdoors or easily exposed to insects and pests, there could be some risks involved when it comes to damage to plants.

Choose which option works best with your setup
Each cannabis cultivation method certainly comes with its own benefits. For instance, if you want to sell generous whole flowers to dispensaries, hydroponic or greenhouse methods are best. On the other hand, if you want to grow on a large scale, hybrid cultivation might be best.

Always consider your budget and growing environment, and go for the option that will be the most profitable for your business.


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